Prevention Tips

Hemorrhoid Prevention Tips

Hemorrhoids can be embarrassing for many people, but the fact is they are extremely common. When they become itchy, painful and start bleeding, they are more than an annoyance – they can interfere with your everyday life. Here are some hemorrhoid prevention tips to help you avoid this frustrating problem.

Fiber is Good

One of the best hemorrhoid prevention tips is to have regular bowel movements. One of the best ways to ensure that happens is to get plenty of fiber in your diet if at all possible. You can do so through your diet or use supplements. Great sources include whole grains, fruits such as apples and bananas, green peas, broccoli and other vegetables, and legumes such as baked beans and split peas.

Drink Lots of Water

Most experts believe drinking 6-8 glasses of water each day is good for overall health, and you have probably heard that already. What you may not know is that getting enough water can help prevent hemorrhoids as well. Drinking water reduces your chances of being constipated and also decreases strain when having a bowel movement.


Again, it is almost clichéd to mention how good exercise is for your health – everybody knows that already. But exercise also helps you maintain regularity. Just be careful about the kinds of activities in which you participate. For example, if you lift a lot of weights you could actually increase your risk of developing hemorrhoids. The reason is this type of workout can increase pressure on the abdomen and also lead to substantial straining. This can negatively affect the veins in the lower rectum.


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